選擇可用作處理蛀木蟲的除害劑作木面處理,另劑型方面亦應以乳化劑 (Emulsifiable concentrate) 為佳,原因是乳化劑能滲入木材內,故特別適合處理蛀木蟲。除害劑能形成一道有效屏障,可在蛀木蟲成蟲咬食木材或剛羽化的幼蟲咬食木材時將其殺死。木面處理只適合未上漆的木材,若木材已作上漆處理,在噴上除害劑前必須用砂紙去除表面漆油。

Fumigation is considered the most effective method of controlling wood-boring beetles. This method is very common especially for exporting lumber or wood packaging materials under the requirements of IPPC & ISPM 15. However, fumigation method of control does not provide residual protection of the wood. An ideal treatment method should involve fumigation, surface treatment by insecticide and, finally painting.