What is The Difference Between Regular Cleaning and Professional Renovation Cleaning? Let’s Find

Renovation work often leads to some dodgy confusions, which includes the post-renovation cleaning as well.

When receiving enquiries over the renovation cleaning services, the most common question from our clients is:

“What the difference between professional service and common cleaning by domestic helpers or DIY?”

So what exactly makes us professional? Let’s find out below.

“Basic Cleaning” by Renovation Contractors/Domestic Helpers?

The most common dodgy confusion of a renovation job is that clients might think the contractors will handle the post-renovation clean-up thoroughly. However most of their contracts does not include cleaning services, sometimes they will provide an “basic cleaning” option, however, it usually only includes the disposal of large industrial wasters and limited cleaning of glue stains or paint stains. Stubborn stains such as cement plaster might not be handled properly.

Domestic helpers on the other hand, usually does not have the specific tools and solution for the stains either, which could be a tough task for them.


Troughs/ External Window Cleaning Might Not Be Included!

It is very common for clients to be unawared that basic cleaning services will not clean your light roughs, chandelier, and window externals, due to the the potential risks and insurance issues. But of course, professionals are experienced in handling fragile objects and potential risk, making your new home spotless with safety as well.

Tools Matter, Basic vs Professional Tools

Dust is the most common problem after renovation, basic cleaning services usually use feather dusters and brooms to clear the dust, and then wipe them down. However, dust are actually invisible most of the time when afloat in the air, and could spread to narrow corners which makes it even more difficult to handle. Therefore dusting is the most important task!

Not all the vacuum cleaners are suitable for the task either, we should use vacuum cleaners with HEPA rated filter, which is capable of  stopping 99.7% particles >0.3 microns (μm) in size, including bacteria.

No Scratches For My New Furniture Please!

All new furniture and accessories in your new home should be spotless and shiny!

Stainless steel, marble, ceramic tiles, glasses etc. are shiny surfaces, which could be damaged by chemical/acidic cleaner, having stains and losing their gloss. Wrong cleaner or tool, as well as careless practices, could lead to scratches later. And of course professionals should know that cleaner to use, and the proper way to deal with different materials.

Johnson Group make use of SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. A product from Canada, the botanical ingredient – Thymol not only can kill 99.99% bacteria and viruses, but also effective in removing stains while being pH neutral. It will not stain or damage the shiny surface.


Time is Money!

The big difference between professional cleaning and dometic helper/DIY cleaning, is the time consumption, apart from the effectiveness and service charge. Basic cleaning uses only the common everyday cleaning tools, while most of the workers are not very experienced in renovation cleaning settings. The efficiency is hard to compare with trained and well-equipped professionals.

So, How Exactly Do Professional Work? Roll The Tape:

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Bits of concrete, paint, cement plaster, solution, bits of wood, glue, tapes, water marks, rust etc. are some of the most common stains after a renovation project, and they are usually found in corners where you do not normally pay attention to. Clients always notice once they moved in and allergic reactions such as runny nose and headache occurred.

Let Johnson Group’s Renovation Cleaning Team help you with all these problems!

Service Features

  • Use only all-natural and non-toxic cleaner
  • Professional allergy vacuum cleaner to eliminate all tiny dust particles and allergens
  • Experienced and well-trained, detailed-minded specialists, take care of all the crevices that you missed
  • Allergen-free and eco-friendly, so that you can move-in immediately, ensuring safety for children and pets
  • Optional VOC removal package, natural cleaner to dissolve VOCs, ensuring safety
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Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

Service Results – Before & After

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