Vycel 4 Electrostatic Sprayer protects you against disease transmissions by delivering a positively charged protective layer. Dispensing your coating/disinfectant into tiny droplets, and attach them onto the naturally negatively charged surface with electromagnetic force. The tight and rigid bond formed by the positive ions, makes it easier to ensure the efficacy, while keeping the same cleaning and wiping routines.

Free SafePRO® 180 Days Self-Disinfecting Antimicrobial Coating (1 Gallon) comes with purchase!
Vycel 4 靜電噴霧器,以正電荷保護網保障您免受傳染病威脅。打散消毒液/塗層液體至微細粒子,並以靜電原理將粒子鎖定在任何表面,利用其天然負電荷,牢牢扣住帶有正電荷粒子,讓塗層/消毒液發揮最佳功效,同時不會因為日常清潔、拭抹輕易脫落。

訂購客戶將免費獲贈SafePRO® 180 天長效消毒抗菌塗層(1加侖)