Johnson Group 20220118 Shine For Child

As the pandemic hit the world in 2019, essentials such as face masks and disinfectant were in shortage. Hong Kong people struggled to purchase these items, for those in need, it was even more difficult.

Seeing that, Johnson Group provided special discounts for medical staff, schools and NGOs to purchase SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. Apart from that, we also donated an amount of alcoholic sanitizers to charity organizations to use and distribute, including almost 4,000 bottles of alcoholic hand sanitizers for Shine for Child Foundation which benefitted large number of children and teenagers from grassroot or with special educational needs.

有見及此,莊臣集團除了為醫護人員、學校、非牟利機構提供SmellGREEN® 純天然消毒液訂購優惠外,亦有悉數捐贈酒精搓手液供慈善團體派發及使用,包括向童心展亮基金會Shine for Child 總共捐出接近4000支酒精搓手液,惠及一眾基層及特殊學習需要的小童及青少年。