SafePRO® Borescope enables our technicians to see into areas that are otherwise inaccessible for visual inspection. The palm-sized video borescope is equipped with an LED light source, TFT display, camera and recorder, it can let you see through what is actually moving underneath the mud shelters and behind finished walls. Typically, a hole (~5mm) is drilled and the optical lens is inserted into the desired viewing areas.
SafePRO® 光學窺視鏡 (內窺鏡) 備有先進影像感測器 (CMOS Image Senor)、3吋半液晶顯示器、達十米長及直徑只有 5.5 mm 的光學探測管,此機能應用在不同地點或不同結構上作勘查如牆壁內的罅隙、泥土下、樹身內部及一些隱閉地點作即時影像探測,都能透過顯示器將白蟻活動錄影或拍照下來。是唯一能讓術人員及客戶親眼看到白蟻活動的儀器,一般如二氧化碳探測儀器則無法做到此功能。