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Keep Mould Away from Your Car

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Car lovers! You spend so much time and effort on keeping our cars running and look good. Have you ever made sure that your car interior is clean and allergen-free? Mould growing inside your car, would probably stimulate allergic reactions, affecting you and your family's health in the long-run. We provide car cleaning & sanitizing services. Not only do we clean and remove mold from your car, we can also carry out tests for mould and bacteria level inside your car. The samples collected will be sent to laboratories in Canada for detailed scientific identifications. A better understanding, will definitely [...]

Sweep Away Allergens and Embrace the New Year

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Sweep Away Allergens and Embrace the New Year The Chinese New Year is approaching, a deep cleaning is needed for either home or office before meeting the new year. Johnson Group tailor-makes the ideal Home +Green Cleaning solution for you to eliminate allergens, bacteria and viruses. Use non-toxic & natural materials Safe for kids & pets Remove thoroughly allergens, the service is designed for allergy sufferers Home + Green Cleaning™ [...]

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