Save Local Bee_How Does the Program Work


莊臣集團從服務經驗中觀察到,本地蜜蜂生存空間堪虞,近年香港養蜂業息微,社會亦欠缺正確對待蜜蜂的觀念,因此莊臣集團2018年開始「Save Local Bees 拯救本地蜂」保育計畫,身體力行以「救蜂」代替「滅蜂」。

We can see the living space for local honey bees has been severely threatened in our work. The decline in beekeeping businesses, and public misconception on honey bees is discouraging.

Therefore, Johnson Group launched the Save Local Bees conservation program from 2018, trying to lead by example, saving the bees instead of exterminating as a pest control service provider.