SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap
SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap is equipped with infrared sensors, when the rodents pass through the mousetrap, once the sensor detects the rodent body temperature, the grill comes down immediately grille It will automatically prompt under the hood, will catch mice trapped in cages. In the past with drugs rodent, dead rats and will usually not so noticeable odor, the stench will make other Mouse difficult fooled; SafePRO® Electronic Rodent Trap is able to avoid this situation, coupled with the need to serve the bait, because the mice to reduce the influence of the anti-feeding and capture results.
SafePRO® 電動捕鼠器內設有紅外線感應器,當老鼠從捕鼠器前面以及牆之間經過時,感應器感應到老鼠的體溫,網罩便會自動迅速罩下,將老鼠捕獲困在籠內。使用SafePRO® 電動捕鼠器可直接將老鼠屍體處理,避免以往用藥餌毒殺老鼠後,屍體不易被察覺並會發出臭味。產品適用於超級市場、食品加工廠、製藥廠、酒店、食肆、倉庫、農莊、度假村及家中。