Protecta® LP2625 Tamper-resistant Bait Station
PROTECTA LP is a triangular shaped, rat-size bait station that fits in corners and flush along walls where rodents travel. It measures 3 3/8″ tall by 9″ deep (approx. 76mm x 228mm).
Patented interior baffles lead rodents directly to the feeding receptacle in PROTECTA LP which can hold all forms of rodenticides. This tamper-resistant bait station locks automatically when closed and unlocks with a special 2-prong key.
LP2625 藥餌保護盒呈三角型,可放置在牆角或牆邊。藥餌盒以耐用塑膠制造,配以特別開關,需要專用鎖匙才能開啟,非常適合放置藥餌及捕鼠夾。若藥餌放置地方會有小孩或寵物在活動,藥餌保護盒便可確保他們不能接觸到藥餌。