Solar Trap™ 是利用太陽能去發動,而非石油氣或電力,能幫助減少二氧化碳的排放;所以它除了是達經濟效益的滅蟲機外,更同時能符合環保和節能原則。Solar Trap™ 配備感光系統,白天自動充電,晚上自行啟動。透過特有的黑紫外光燈泡吸引蚊、蠓及其它飛蟲,再透過風扇將飛蟲吸入到收集網內。Solar Trap™ 在晚間將飛蟲捕捉,使他們不會在日間騷擾人們,因為普遍的吸血飛蟲都會在日落才出來覓食。
Solar Trap™ is powered by solar energy instead of other power sources like LPG or electricity, it helps to reduce the emission of carbon dioxide. So, this economical pest controller is environmental friendly and energy saving.

Solar Trap™ stops working and charges itself with its solar panel in the daytime. Solar Trap™ is equipped with the optical sensor system. It will automatically charge in the day time, and activate during night time. Mosquitoes, midges and flying insects are attracted by the ultraviolet black light bulb and exhausted into the collecting net by the inhaling fan. Common blood-sucking flying insects are more active after sunset, thus Solar Trap™ captures flying insects at night so that they will not be seen in the daytime.