Replace tradition mosquito larvae oil and reducing pollution, SafePRO® Aquatain AMF Liquid Mosquito Film™ is a polydimethylsiloxane-based formulation. It adds a thin silicone film on water bodies and constitutes a physical barrier to the reproductive capabilities of mosquitoes.

The low surface tension of the silicone film prevents mosquito larvae from breathing as well as female mosquitoes from depositing their eggs on the water surface, drowning many of them in the attempt. It is a simple Physical Action which does not rely on any toxic chemicals to be effective.
SafePRO® Aquatain AMF 積水防蚊薄膜™以聚二甲基矽氧烷 (PDMS) 為主要配方,它會在水面上形成一層防蚊薄膜並構成一個物理屏障,影響蚊子的繁殖能力。 由於防蚊薄膜的表面張力低,所以能阻止蚊子的幼蟲浮上水面呼吸 ;它同時能夠阻止雌蚊在水面上産卵及令蚊幼蟲溺死。這是一種物理作用,無需依賴任何有毒化學物質達到效果,可取代傳統蚊油,減少污染