Johnson Group Green Academy™

Johnson Group believes a healthy ecosystem and environment are necessary to the survival of humans and other organisms. We particularly focus on the ways of reducing negative human impact like reducing the use of toxic chemicals, saving water and saving energy.

We aim to educate public especially kids about the benefits of sustainability and encourage their interest in protecting the environment. We also encourage people to conserve resources and recycle more in the daily life in order to reduce ecological footprint.

Johnson Group Green Academy™ consists of two programs called Green Pest Management Education Program and Green Cleaning Education Program. We can tailor-make different activities to suit your needs. For example, talks, games and field studies to let participants to know more about the pest species or microorganisms around us, their life cycles, habits and how to prevent them.

+Green Pest Management Education Program

The introduction of +Green Pest Management™ and Commercial + Green Pest Management™ is part of the Johnson Group’s efforts to educate public especially kids about the benefits of non-toxic approach to manage pest problems, and encourage their interest in protecting the environment. We believe a balanced ecosystem will benefit all living organisms, in particular, humans.

“Think of them as animals that are living in nature, they’re just doing their jobs. But when they move into our homes and yards, then we call them pests”. Preventing insects from getting inside is always the best approach, it can be done by improving sanitation practices, adopting green products (physical devices and non-toxic materials) as well as an effective building maintenance programs. We work to ensure that insects or wildlife and their habitats are conserved while preparing any pest control program.

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Green Cleaning Education Program

“Protect you from exposing to the harmful chemicals”. Numerous toxic chemicals are present in our daily life. It may be the factors of all accidental poisonings occur or asthma and allergies cases.

Indoor allergens like VOC (formaldehyde), dust mites, moulds, bacteria, particles or even volatile chemicals from conventional cleaners can accumulate in the ceilings, walls, air ducts, air conditioners, curtains, mattresses, sofas and carpets to make the indoor air more polluted.

Home + Green Cleaning™ and Commercial + Green Cleaning™ adopt non-toxic & natural cleaners, disinfectants, anti-bacterial coat and green products to remove these harmful contaminants.

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