SafePRO Sanitizing Humidifier mainshot

The SafePRO® Sanitizing Humidifier utilize the negative-ions to disperse and form very thin fog. With the auto and manual rotating features, the nozzle is able to cover all angle. Apart from clear water, it is also suitable to use with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. A tiny amount of the Disinfectant can greatly reduce the risk of disease transmission. The natural Thymol is very unlikely to induce allergic reaction or inflammation, so that you need not to worry about the risk of lung injuries.

SafePRO® 消毒加濕器,利用負離子原理把液體打散成薄薄微霧,配合自動及手動迴轉功能,方便覆蓋任何角度。除了配合清水使用進行一般加濕,亦可使用SmellGREEN® 純天然消毒液,微量消毒液即可減低疾病傳播風險,而且成份天然,不會引致呼吸道敏感、發炎,無須擔心肺纖維化。