Johnson Group Bird control Spraying of Bird Repellent


該配方由 Bird-X 與美國數間主要的大學共同研製,其主要成份是 MA(Methyl Anthranilate),此物質分別獲美國FDA給予安全(Generally Recognized As Safe-GRAS)等級,而且可以生物降解,對人類、動物均無害。

BirdShield™ will leave a residue with a grape-like odor after drying. It stimulates birds’ trigeminal system allergic reaction mildly, so that they will not stay in that particular area anymore.

The formula was developed by Bird-X and several universities in the US. Its active ingredient is Methyl Anthranilate (MA), a constituent of Concord grapes. MA has been used by the food and drug industry for over 40 years to flavor candy, sodas, gums, and drugs; it is listed by the US FDA as “Generally Recognized As Safe” (GRAS). It’s eco-friendly for the biodegradability, and harmless to both human and animals.