FunBee, the ambassador of the Bee Kingdom, has been invited once again to participate in the biggest illustration and creative arts event in Hong Kong – Hong Kong Illustration and Creative Show 5. The show will take place on June 24th and 25th, 2023 at Kowloon Bay International Trade & Exhibition Centre, featuring over 400 local and international illustration designers. Do not miss out if you are a fan of creative arts! FunBee steps out of the canvas this year, unveiling local honey soda and plenty of amazing FunBee merch.

Save Local Bees 蜜蜂王國大使「蜂Bee」今年再次受邀參加全港最大型文創設計盛會「香港插畫及文創展5」,展覽將於2023年6月24日至25日香港九龍灣國際展貿中心舉辦,超過400位香港及國際插畫設計商參展,喜歡文創的你一定不能錯過!今年蜂Bee跳出畫框,現場首度推出本地蜂蜜汽水及多款 蜂Bee周邊商品。