Johnson Group +pest DIY - SafePRO® Ant Gel

SafePRO® 螞蟻膏是一種進食型的慢性毒素藥劑。工蟻接觸藥餌後會把藥餌帶回巢穴並餵食給幼蟻和蟻后,因此巢穴內所有螞蟻很快便會透過進食方式受到感染,最後導致整個巢穴的所有螞蟻死亡。
SafePRO® Ant Gel contains a slow-acting insecticide incorporated into a food attractant. Once working ants are attracted and feed on the bait, they will bring the bait back to the harborage and feed it to the colony members and the queen. Eventually, all the ants in the harborage will die and the infestation will be contained.