Campus Space Disinfection Countdown Offer

To support local schools during the upcoming new school year, Johnson Group now  introduce you to the latest Campus Space Disinfection Countdown Offer. By booking our Hospital Grade Space Disinfection service for any local schools, a free SafePRO® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser with a litre of SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant will be delivered to the school as well. Quota is limited, make an appointment NOW!

We provide thorough Hospital Grade Space Disinfection plan for campuses, utilizing ULV foggers to spray SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant at premises such as classroom, staff room, playground, activity room etc. The disinfectant is capable of killing 99.99% of bacteria and viruses. It was recommended by the US EPA for use against COVID-19. The 100% botanical feature means that it will not bring any harm or stimulation towards the teachers and pupils.

Special Offer Only Valid Until  23rd September 2020, terms and conditions apply, details below.

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*School Special Offer*

Local schools can enjoy a 5% off discount upon purchase 5 or more SafePRO® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser (Can purchase with or without stand).

Schools will also receive a free “anti-pandemic gift set” upon purchasing the Intelligent Disinfectant Dispenser + SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray (1 gallon) combo (selling at $1,100.2). The gift set includes 5 units of Disinfecting Button-Pusher and 2 bottles of SmellGREEN® Natural Insect Repellent (100ml), special offers valids while stock lasts.


Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

SafePRO® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

SafePRO® Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser is a compact unit which is suitable for wall-mounted, table-top or stand-mounted use. The spraying intensity can be adjusted as well. The dispenser uses the infrared induction sensor which is very convenient for maintaining hygiene. Simply fill in the disinfectant and put 4 AA batteries in and it is ready to use. It is compatible with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant Spray. The dispenser is noiseless, suitable for premises such as households, public spaces, lobbies, receptions, offices, washrooms, vehicles etc.

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Intelligent Disinfectant Dispenser

The all-new Intelligent Disinfectant Dispenser utilize a double nozzle design, which makes the angle of spray coverage much wider. With the two spraying modes of “immediate” and “delayed”, as well as the manual spraying button, the dispenser is very versatile for hands, person belongings or spots etc.

Product Features

  • Comes with damage-free attachment stickers for attaching on walls
  • Intelligent Infra-red induction covers up to 1 sq. meter
  • “Immediate” and “delayed” spraying modes for different disinfecting purposes
  • Can switch between high or low flow rate for spraying
  • Versatile for being used at household, office, reception, lobby etc.


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Hospital Grade Disinfectant

US EPA lists out products* that can be used against SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes the disease COVID-19. SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is qualified for the Emerging Viral Pathogens Claim and meets EPA’s criteria for use against SARS-CoV-2.

SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant is a broad spectrum, bactericidal,  tuberculocidal, fungicidal and virucidal disinfectant made from a proprietary formulation of plant extracts. For hands & surfaces disinfection use.

*Message extracted from United States Environmental Protection Agency:  List N updated on March 2020


US EPA and Health Canada HKSTC, UL EcoLogo and NSF

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Thorough Space Disinfection

Making use of the ULV fogger, 5-15µm droplets of disinfectant will be applied. The small particle is easier to flow and maintain in the air, which makes it more effective in disinfecting narrow spaces or crevices.

Our natural disinfectant was registered at US EPA and Health Canada, and proven to be effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses, which does not contain substances harmful to human or animal. It is suitable for disinfection carried out at busy places like commercial buildings, campuses, shops, construction sites or housing estates. Our trained professionals will carry out surface cleaning as well, thoroughly clean surfaces that are often touched, as well as places that could have viruses remain. We use SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, which is registered at US EPA, and verified as effective against human coronaviruses. Premises for students and teachers to gather, such as classrooms, toilets, stairs, corridors, libraries, office and staff room, special activities rooms, student hall etc., can all be thoroughly disinfected.

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Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

Booking and Enquiry

Tel: 2481 3988 | WhatsApp: 5412 3517

Booking and Enquiry

Terms and Conditions
– Only local schools  with campuses can enjoy this special offer.
– Free products  from the special offers will be delivered on the day of space disinfection service.
– The service must be carried out on or before 23rd September 2020.