A lot of people would do a pest control procedure once the furniture has been settled after renovation, using a one-shot aerosol pesticide to do it all.

However, because of the cement plaster already laid on walls and floor. There will be a lot of crevices for pest to hide, especially termites. Usually we see a lot of termite swarmer in rainy seasons. It is hard to complete shut them off from entering our home. Wooden door frames, floor or other furniture are easy targets for them to breed. It is already too late for us to notice them.

This time, our client has just remove the previous ground and wall base. This is the perfect time to apply pesticide against termites!

Johnson Group’s technicians in this clip is using the applying Bayer Premise®️, which is not harmful to human or pets. The termite can sense the existence of the pesticide, and they will stop eating once infected by the pesticide.

The pesticide will remain inside the wall or wooden structures, new termites can not invade. The pesiticide does not stain, and have no odoour, which is great for carrying on the renovation procedures afterwards.

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Johnson Group Termite Control Service

Johnson Group delivers the world’s best value in termite control. You’ll receive written specifications, an inspection report and customized treatment programs after your consultation/inspection.

Benefits of Using Our Service

  • FLIR® Thermographic Camera Locates Monitoring termite activities
  • Termatrac® T3i Termite Detecting Device Detects mud-leads, nests and entry points
  • Video Borescope Monitors termite activities
  • Combinations of Bayer® Liquid Termiticide and Termite Baits to Eliminate Termite Colonies, Protect wood made items from termite attack. Create an Effective Barrier and Protective Zone from Future Invasion. Warranty Period
  • Up to 12 Months

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