Advantage of Electrostatic Spraying

Electrostatic sprayer will charge the liquid with positive ions, so that the particles will carry a positive charge, and be attracted to the naturally negatively charged target surface. Therefore, the particles will cover the surface evenly and thoroughly, also spread onto confined or conceal surface easily. It also helps with the efficiency so that you can use up to 75% less solution.

The electromagnetic bond is also great for applying disinfectant or coating, as it will hold the particles onto the surface firmly. For self-disinfecting coating, you need not to worry about the coating coming off when wiping down.


靜電噴霧器為液體加入正離子,帶有正電荷的粒子,會被係吸引到本來帶有負電荷的表面上,因此可以均勻並完整地覆蓋目標表面,亦能包裹狹窄或不能觸及的背面,同時節省最多75% 液體。