Johnson Group x U Magazine 8 Tips for Dust mites Removal

The well-known media U Magazine invited Johnson Group to share 8 tips for dust mites removal. We shared our professional methods and daily procedures that normal households can do to prevent dust mites in peak allergy season. We want to thank U Magazine for the invitation.

The interview was aired on 16th & 27th September 2022, in U Magazine.
本港知名媒體U Magazine邀請莊臣集團分享了8個除塵蟎的貼士。我們分享了專業除塵蟎知識和普通家庭都可用的日常程序,讓我們可以在過敏高峰期預防塵蟎。在此鳴謝U Magazine的邀請。

該報道於2022年9月16日和27日在U Magazine上播出。