Johnson Group Hospital Grade Space Disinfection office and toilet

Make use of the ULV fogger, 5-15µm droplets of disinfectant will be applied. The small particle is easier to flow and maintain in the air, which makes it more effective in disinfecting narrow spaces or crevices.

Our natural disinfectant was verified by US EPA and Health Canada, and proven to be effective in killing 99.99% bacteria and viruses, which does not contain substances harmful against human or animal. It is suitable for disinfection carried out at busy places like commercial buildings, campuses, shops, construction sites or housing estates. Our trained professionals will carry out surface cleaning as well, thoroughly clean surfaces that are often touched, as well as places that could have viruses remain.

SmellGREEN純天然消毒液配合ULV超低容量噴霧器,空間噴灑,同時覆蓋空曠或狹小空間,快捷、直接殺滅99.99%細菌病毒, 適用於大範圍消毒,例如倉庫、工地、公共交通等