Johnson Group Goodnature A24 Rodent Trap

Automatically kills up to 24 rats or mice with just one CO2 canister. The weatherproof A24 trap kills rodents without toxins or electricity. Once attracted in by a long-life lure for either rats or mice, the rodent enters the trap, and a trigger causes a CO2-powered striker to instantly kill the rodent. The rodent then falls out of the trap and on the ground. The A24 trap automatically resets itself, and the process can repeat itself up to 24 times before the CO2 cartridge needs to be replaced.
防風防水的Goodnature® A24在不需要任何毒餌及電力下可以滅殺老鼠。老鼠會被誘餌劑吸引進入裝置,當牠的頭部碰到觸發器後,以高壓二氧化碳推動的「撞擊器」便會彈出,瞬間將其擊殺,摔落地面。撞擊器彈出1秒內便會自動重置到原位,準備下一次擊殺,一支二氧化碳瓶能連續擊殺最多24隻老鼠。