Wood-boring Beetle – Control Treatment

Johnson Group Wood Borer (Wood-boring Beetle) Control Service

Where removal is not possible, use liquid insecticides containing materials such as Cypermethrin 24% EC that are labeled for the control of these pests. Apply the insecticide only to infested areas, but be sure these are thoroughly soaked.

In keeping our words “Reducing any unnecessry use of toxic chemical to further reduce the impact to the rest of environment”. We adopt Insecticide-Direct-Injection by using a syringe and inject liquid insecticide into the holes one by one. The method can ensure the infested wood is thoroughly soaked and at the same time, avoid over use of insecticide.

Surface treatment (Residual Applications)

Insecticides are labeled for surface treatment of bare, exposed wood. Spraying or brushing insecticides onto infested wood creates a barrier that kills adult beetles as they chew their way out of wood. The barrier also kills newly-hatched larvae as they attempt to bore into wood. For the surface treatments to work properly, they must penetrate the wood. Therefore, the wood should be unfinished or sanded to remove the finish. In certain situations, the surface treatment can penetrate the wood sufficiently to kill larvae within the wood to prevent the further marring of the surface by additional emergence holes of adults.


Fumigation is considered the most effective method of controlling wood-boring beetles. This method is very common especially for exporting lumber or wood packaging materials under the requirements of IPPC & ISPM 15. However, fumigation method of control does not provide residual protection of the wood. An ideal treatment method should involve fumigation, surface treatment by insecticide and, finally painting.


Pre-cautions to customer

Do not touch the treated area(s) until dry

Do not allow children or pets to touch the treated area(s)

All food, drinks and electric appliances should be well covered or stored before treatment

All valuables should be stored properly before treatment

Do not return to the treated area(s) within 3 hours after the treatment

Open all the windows, air-conditioning system, ventilation system when return to the treated area

Wipe surfaces (floors, tables or sofas) with wet towel, but do not wash floors and skirting

All the cooking equipment, food appliances, food without cover etc. should be rinsed with water before use / eat

Exclusions and Limitations 

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Any wear, damage or discolouring or stains that caused after the service
Any loss incurred as a result of any breakage or damage to goods and any loss of property
The service performance due to poor hygiene, poor storage practice and structural problem

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