Wasp (Yellow jacket) – Control Treatment

Johnson Group Wasp (Yellow-jacket) Control Service

There is no better defense against wasps than a tailor-made treatment plan from Johnson Group. Successful wasp control requires many special skills, including a working knowledge of building construction. An understanding of ant biology and identification can help a homeowner detect problems and understand methods of control.

Yellow Jacket Traps

Do-it-yourself options include trapping wasps in a baited trap (Yellow-jacket Trap) designed for that purpose, early-season removal of nests, or spraying the nest or nesting site with an insecticide labeled for that use. If wasp nests must be eliminated, it is easiest and safest to call for help from Johnson Group.

Cold-mist fogging
(Cold fogging are particularly useful in dealing with large population of wasp adults)

Cold fogging is a space treatment against wasps. Though It cannot reach air spaces in areas obstructed by dense vegetation or other objects, it is easily to control its distance and coverage, and is more suitable to apply in urban areas. When the wasps come into contact with the droplets (usually in 5 – 30 micron), they will be killed immediately.