Johnson Group Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal

Washroom/Bathroom Cleaning and Mould Removal
Remove all the stubborn stains and grease off your bathroom. Better cleanliness makes more hygienic environment.
All-round deep cleaning of washbasin, toilet, bathtub/bathroom screen, exhaust fan, etc., to remove stubborn stains.
Hot steam cleaning removes old moulds on the plastic edges of glasses, without damaging the surface of marbles, or ceramic tiles.
Clean with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant, no harmful substances.
Use only 3M® Microfiber Cloth for cleaning the stains and dust.
為您解決浴室陳年污垢,水垢,霉漬等 ; 徹底清潔乾淨減少細菌滋生
SmellGREEN® 純天然消毒液徹底清潔消毒二合一,不殘留,安全可靠