Photocatalyst Anti-bacterial Coating – Exclusive Technology

ACT CleanCoat®

ACT CleanCoat™ is an eco-friendly, transparent, water based coating which can be applied to any hard surfaces and provide more than 12 months protection. ACT CleanCoat™ eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi effectively up to 99.9%. CleanCoat™ also decomposes formaldehyde (VOC), pungent odours, musty smell and harmful contaminants.

Virus-inactivating Properties of ACT CleanCoat® According to EN 14476:2013

The tests done by a German institute for hygiene and microbiology proves that ACT CleanCoat™ has “virucidal” properties with inactivation ≥ 99.99 %)

ACT CleanCoat® is also effective against the so-called blood-borne viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV as well as against members of other virus families such as orthomyxoviridae (including all human and animal influenza viruses like H5N1 and H1N1), coronaviridae (MERS-CoV) and filoviridae including Ebola virus.

Non-Toxic, Safe, 24/7 All Round Protection

ACT CleanCoat™ is activated by all light (as found in natural daylight or common fluorescent lighting), only releasing water and carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere.


ACT CleanCoat® is applied to walls, ceilings and other surfaces by a unique electrostatic coating method. Bacteria levels drop drastically within 30 seconds and all bacteria, viruses and moulds are virtually eliminated within 30 minutes.

ACT CleanCoat® Composition

ACT CleanCoat® consists mostly of water and the active ingredient Nano Titanium Dioxide.

Water H2O, 95.9%
Nano Titanium Dioxide TiO2 2%
Isopropanol Alcohol C3H8O, 2%
Additives: AgCl, 0.1%