Stored Food Beetle Control – Products

Stored Food Beetle Control Products

At the Johnson Group GreenSTORE™, you can acquire easily all effective, environmentally safe and non-toxic products. Free delivery to single location with purchase of HK$500 or above (Not including Discovery Bay and outlying islands, forbidden and remote area).

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Starkeys® Decore Glue Pad Indoor Insect Killer

Decore uses ultra violet “Black-light” tube to attract flying insects which are then traped onto the yellow attractant adhesive (sticky pad). Very effective in trapping and killing flying insect. Totally silent and non toxic.

  • Cover a range of 80 square meter
  • NO noise, NO smell, NO debris, NO pollution and NO chemicals
  • Fully compliant with all required Australian and European certified safety standards
  • Suitable for sensitive areas like indoor, kitchen, restaurant, food processing center and hospital
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