Our Honey Bee Rescue Mission: Unlocking Giant Beehives Found Inside Shipping Containers

Save Local Bees Rescuers, assemble! Johnson Group has recently teamed up with our local beekeeper to embark on another bee-saving journey at Kerry Logistics’s Product Customization and Consolidation Centre (PC³) in Tai Po Industrial Estate.

The mission was extremely challenging as the discovered beehive is not only a colony that has been inhabited for over a year, with a total of seven honeycombs, but it is also hidden within a large wooden container. We are even seeking help from company staff and using an electric forklift to kickstart this meaningful mission!

Curious about what happened during this bee-saving mission? Watch our YouTube video to find out more!

Special thanks to our client, Kerry Logistics, for supporting the Save Local Bees Conservation Program! A simple decision you make could significantly help save countless little lives. Stay tuned for our next mission!