Mosquito – Control Treatment

Johnson Group Mosquitoe (Midge) Control Service

There is no better defense against mosquitoes than a tailor-made treatment plan from Johnson Group. We aim to minimize the use of traditional chemicals (including products toxic to people and their surroundings) in and around the home/premise while maintaining an effective, diligent mosquito control program. Least-toxic chemical controls are used as a last resort.

Green products for controlling mosquitoes
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Physical method for controlling mosquitoes
Mosquito Larvae Elimination in Soil
Outdoor Electric Insect Killers and Insect Traps
Outdoor Mosquito-Free Misting System
Indoor Sticky Pad Insect killer
Indoor Electric Insect Killers
Insect Repellent
Eliminate Stagnant Water and Mosquito Breeding on manhole cover
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Chemical methods for controlling mosquitoes
  • Thermal fogging and cold-mist fogging
  • Larvicidal oil or Anti-malarial oil
  • Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. israelensis (Bti)
  • S-Methoprene

Pre-cautions to customer

Do not touch the treated area(s) until dry

Do not allow children or pets to touch the treated area(s)

All food, drinks and electric appliances should be well covered or stored before treatment

All valuables should be stored properly before treatment

Do not return to the treated area(s) within 3 hours after the treatment

Open all the windows, air-conditioning system, ventilation system when return to the treated area

Wipe surfaces (floors, tables or sofas) with wet towel, but do not wash floors and skirting

All the cooking equipment, food appliances, food without cover etc. should be rinsed with water before use / eat

Exclusions and Limitations 

Johnson Group is not responsible for:

Any wear, damage or discolouring or stains that caused after the service
Any loss incurred as a result of any breakage or damage to goods and any loss of property
The service performance due to poor hygiene, poor storage practice and structural problem

Non Refund Policy

Johnson Group will provide clear information and procedure to products and services; having comprehensive evaluation to our products and services before your purchase decision.

Placing an order means you agree and fully accept to purchase products or services in accordance with the Terms and Conditions of the Non Refund policy set out herein. There is no refund when you purchased our products or services.