Johnson Group Kitchen Cleaning and Grease Removal

Kitchen Cleaning and Grease Removal
Remove all the stubborn stains and grease off your kitchen. Better cleanliness makes better cooking.
All-round deep cleaning, including the stove, range hood/exhaust fan, oven, microwave, to remove all the stubborn stains.
Hot steam cleaning to clean stains off stainless-steel and metal parts, such as the stove, without damaging the surfaces.
Clean with SmellGREEN® Natural Disinfectant. It contains no harmful substances.
Use only 3M® Microfiber Cloth to polish and clean the stainless-steel utensils, sinks and water taps, etc., to restore the brightness and flawlessness.
廚房內外SmellGREEN® 純天然消毒液徹底清潔、消毒二合一,不殘留,安全可靠