Seasonal Edition Save Local Bees Winter Honey – Ivy Tree

As we transition into the autumn and winter seasons, the weather becomes cold and dry. Despite staying hydrated, we often experience dry mouth and a sore throat.

We highly recommend our top choice for autumn and winter – Save Local Bees Ivy Tree Winter Honey! Ivy tree flowers bloom during cooler weather, making them the source of our winter honey.

-Nourishing the throat and reducing inflammation
-Calming and relieving depression and fatigue
-Helping alleviate cold symptoms and sore throat
-Strengthening detoxification and the immune system

Our Winter Honey is 100% locally harvested and produced in Hong Kong. It can be used to make homemade drinks such as Honey Water and Honey Rose Tea, allowing you to enjoy the nutritional benefits while appreciating the dedication of local beekeepers behind every drop of honey!