Roof solar PV system


Enjoy up to 15 years GreenRewards™

Upon successfully enter into the GreenRewards™ Program (Installation of Roof solar PV system, a collaboration model with Johnson Group & NEFIN), participants can then enjoy a series of green rewards, for examples, +GreenSubsidy™, green certificate, free green services & products, free participation in conservation programs etc.

  • 0 upfront fee

  • 0 investment

  • 0 maintance cost

  • Instant cash-in up to 15 years

  • Free green services & products up to 15 years

  • Free participation in conservation program

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Help Hong Kong to gain a better clean energy goals

The new policy Feed-in Tariff will take effect in October 2018 for CLP Power and in January next year for Hongkong Electric and last until the end of 2033.

Though Hong Kong has adopted the international benchmark of a “10-year payback principle” for the feed-in tariff system, this practice may not be able to bring economic incentive for citizens, companies and NGOs to install solar energy systems.

Roof Solar PV System

Roof solar PV system

The introduction of Johnson Group GreenRewards™ program aims to help the interested parties to participate in using clean energy and protect the environment.

The program is a hassle-free Solar PV management service covers initial cost, complicated planning/evaluation, design engineering & permitting, construction, monitoring & maintenance etc.

Johnson Group GreenRewards

GreenRewards™ – A Basket of Green Initiatives

GreenRewards™ promotes the benefits of using renewable energy (solar power) and encourage people’s interest in protecting environments.

It also encourages people to conserve resources and recycle more in the daily life in order to reduce ecological footprint. We believe a balanced ecosystem will benefit all living organisms, in particular, humans.

Besides, participants can get a green certificate, free green services & products, free participation in conservation programs. This program will generate +GreenSubsidy™ for supporting different educational and green activities for up to 15 years.

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