Johnson Group + Green Kitchen™

Grease-laden range hood and exhaust present one of the most serious and common fire hazards in commercial kitchens. Kitchens which are coated with grease, oil and other residues that may ignite and cause fire to spread rapidly.

The essence of  + Green Kitchen™ is to save energy, reduce pollution and improve health and safety particularly for those who work in the kitchen. All restaurants require kitchen or hood cleaning service from time to time and we aim to provide a much safer, easier and more hygienic way of cleaning.

Oil Mist Collector – Reduce Environmental Hazard

It traps over 80% of oil particles which will be stored in an oil bin. Used cooking oil is collected and recycled by recyclers or oil-stream management providers and will be effectively refined into a number of secondary products including biofuel, animal feed products, detergents and soap, paints and industrial lubricants.

AerisGuard™ Epicoat Range Hood Coating – Make Hood Cleaning More Easily

AerisGuard™ Epicoat provides a revolutionary method for safe and effective cleaning and removal of cooking debris, oil and fats from commercial kitchen range hoods.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, the AerisGuard™ Epicoat Range Hood Coating is easily applied to the clean surface using airless spray equipment. Epicoat is non-toxic and cooking can recommence even before the coating is dry. Once dry, this forms a strong and flexible coating on the surface with a service life of 6 months.

At the next scheduled clean, the coating is simply peeled away, the deposited fats, oils and cooking debris are easily removed as large sheets and disposed of in general waste.

The reduced downtime for the food outlet minimizes impact on the business. This may also encourage more regular cleaning intervals which further reduces the risk of fire hazards and compromised hygiene standards.

Key Features and Benefits

  • HACCP accredited
  • Safer, easier and more hygienic method of cleaning
  • Reduced downtime for the food outlet – ideal for clients with 24/7 operation
  • Significantly reduce the cost of industry compliance
  • Non-toxic, suitable for disposal as non-hazardous waste

International Accreditation of AerisGuard technology

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