Effective against bed bug, fleas, ticks and crawling pests

The SafePRO® Natural Bed Bug, Lice & Flea Exterminator Laundry & Spray handles unwanted infestations without bringing harsh chemicals into your home.

The natural non-toxic formula is scent-free, stain-free, and non-irritating, safe to use around kids and pets. This product can be sprayed directly onto the pest or use with deterrent. It is highly effective against bed bugs, dust mites, bird mites, lice, booklice, fleas, ticks and most other small crawling pests.

SafePRO® 天然滅臭蟲 (床蝨)、蝨、跳蚤洗衣液及噴劑,可以為你消滅蟲害,同時避免殘留有毒化學物質!