Common Household Pests Thriving in Humid Weather!

Entering the rainy season, the weather becomes humid and hot, and the proliferation of mosquitoes and insects becomes the most troublesome household problem.

During the humid season, there are several insects that commonly appear. Once there is a severe insect infestation, how can it be resolved?

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Latridiidae is known as damp bugs, which mainly thrive in damp and moldy environments, often feeding on fungi and mold that grow on wood and indoor walls. Once your home becomes a breeding ground for these damp bugs due to a humid environment, they can reproduce at an alarming rate and become a significant problem in your residence.

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Termite swarmers are reproductive individuals within the colony. They fly around to search for suitable habitats, often after rain or in humid and hot environments, to mate and lay eggs. After shedding their wings, termites have the opportunity to enter homes through cracks in buildings, invade wooden materials and furniture, and begin breeding extensively.

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Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that feed on human blood. They typically hide in the crevices of mattresses, bed frames, and furniture. The areas they crawl over often have a distinctive odor. Bed bugs are adept at hiding and prefer to be active in darkness. They feed on sleeping humans and can survive up to 180 days after a single blood meal. Their nesting sites are marked by dark brown or black fecal stains.

The humid weather in Hong Kong provides an ideal breeding environment for bed bugs. Once the infestation of bed bugs becomes severe, it can seriously affect the health of your household.

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