Before & After Unlocked! Discover Johnson Group’s Premium Air-Con Cleaning!

The recent weather has started to become hot, and when planning to turn on the air conditioner, you may have discovered a large accumulation of dust and dirt inside the unit. Upon activation, it even releases an unpleasant, moldy odor throughout your home.

Professional Air-Con Cleaning Before & After Unlocked! Watch the video to see how our experts tackle each and every component of the air conditioner, thoroughly cleaning all hidden dirty spots!

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Professional Air-Conditioner Cleaning Service

Cleaning an air conditioning unit requires more effort compared to other housework. We recommend our clients have their air conditioners deep cleaned and sanitized at least once a year, ensuring worry-free enjoyment of a refreshing cool breeze.

Customers will receive free SmellGREEN®️ Natural Cleaning Disinfectant (100ml) upon spending a designated amount on Johnson Group’s Air Conditioner Cleaning Service. Make your appointment now!

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