Johnson Group nanofil kaf sterilizing nano filter allergic mainshot

Local brand NanoFIL self-developed KAF Sterilizing Nano-Filter make use of a compound of nano fiber and activated carbon by electrospinning. The filter is tested by authorities and proven to be effective against PM0.3 particles, including common allergens such as smoke particlers, dust, pollen or dust mites. It also kills 99.99% bacteria, suitable for people who suffer from respiratory tract/nasal allergies.
本地品牌NanoFIL 自主研發的KAF 除菌納米空氣濾網,結合納米纖維、靜電紡絲技術及活性炭製作而成的複合過濾材料,獲權威機構認證能過濾細小至PM0.3的懸浮顆粒,阻隔常見致敏原包括煙霧、塵蟎、動物毛屑等,而且能殺滅99.99%細菌。適合呼吸道敏感、鼻敏感、容易過敏者家庭(嬰幼兒、長者、飼養寵物人士等)。