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Workplaces are important to all of our health, as we tend to spend even more time at work than at home. During the long hours everyday, we are exposed to pollutions and contaminants from the outside world. Hong Kong is a city of skyscrapers, making the air quality worse in the urban areas. That is why our workforce are often bothered by the outdoor air pollutions, as well as the internal pollutions of the central ventilations.

Green Cleaning™ is Johnson Group’s one-stop hygiene solution. Our Team of Professionals will select the best quality materials and equipment to help you eliminating dust mites, allergens, dirt, bacteria, viruses, moulds and VOCs.

Apart from deep cleaning, we also provide different kinds of air quality and allergy test services, so that you can be informed and educated on the potential threats at your home, or use the data as a verifier of the service effectiveness.

莊臣集團的綠色清潔™ 服務為您提供一站式體驗,我們的專業團隊會挑選最專業的物料及裝備,為您消除致敏原例如塵蟎、粉塵粒子、病毒、霉菌、甲醛(VOC)等的威脅。

除了深層清潔,我們亦提供各式空氣質素、過敏症源頭測試 ,讓您知己知彼,然後對症下藥,同時可以驗收服務成果。