Supporting local beekeepers by purchasing their honey not only aids in preserving bee populations but also helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with long-distance transportation. Purchase the 520 World Bee Day Special Offer Package now and enjoy a special discount of 23% off to savor three unique types of honey. This offer is valid from May 17th to May 24th, 2023!

購買本地蜂農的蜂蜜有助減少運送海外蜂蜜時產生的碳足印。莊臣集團推出7日限時優惠,購買Save Local Bees本地蜂蜜3款套裝【520世界蜜蜂日限定優惠】即可以原價77折收穫三種不同蜜糖,優惠期由2023年5月17日至24日!