Photocatalyst Anti-bacterial Coating

Photocatalyst Anti-bacterial Coating
Benefits of using our service
  • A photocatalyst coating that eliminates 99.99% biruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi
  • Decompose formaldehyde (VOC), pungent odours, musty smell and harmful contaminants
  • Provide more than 12 months protection
  • Non-toxic, totally safe, harmless to people, pets and the environment
  • This service is environmental-friendly, baby-friendly and allergy-friendly
ACT CleanCoat®

ACT CleanCoat™ is an eco-friendly, transparent, water based coating which can be applied to any hard surfaces and provide more than 12 months protection. ACT CleanCoat™ eliminates viruses, bacteria, moulds and fungi effectively up to 99.9%. CleanCoat™ also decomposes formaldehyde (VOC), pungent odours, musty smell and harmful contaminants.

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In keeping our words “Reducing any unnecessary use of toxic chemical to further reduce the impact to the rest of environment”. We use only natural materials to eliminate formaldehyde (Volatile Organic Compounds), Viruses, Bacteria, Moulds and Fungi. This service not only can minimize your family from exposing to toxic chemicals at indoors but also eliminate harmful contaminants and odours effectively.