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Johnson Group Aircraft Disinsection

Our Advantages...

  • Service since 1947
  • ISO 9001 Certified in Pest Control Services
  • Use pesticides that are recommended by WHO
  • Conform strictly the aircraft disinsection requirement required by  MQS/ AQIS

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"Disinsection" is the term used to describe the practice of spraying pesticides on aircraft to kill ¨stowaway〃 insects.

Aircraft are as susceptible to pest infestation as buildings, civil engineering structures and other modes of transport. Rodents and insects gain access onto aircraft whilst parked on the ground or are carried onboard by unwitting passengers in their luggage, and also in freight transported in the holds. These pests have to be controlled in order to maintain hygiene standards, but also to comply with air safety regulations enforced throughout the world.

Health authorities in many countries are becoming increasingly concerned about the potentially deadly risks of malaria carried into their territory by ¨jet-setting〃 mosquitoes that travel on international flights. It is a mandatory World Health Organisation (WHO) requirement on specific routes that Airlines use either aerosol disinsection spray cans during the flight while passengers are onboard or alternatively ensure the entire aircraft cabin is treated with an approved residual insecticide on a scheduled basis.

Safe and Health Concern

In terms of the issues and standards that may be arisen by disinsection, the key factors revolve around the following generic considerations being satisfied:

  • All treatment methods or practices must be carried out in such a manner that passengers and crew do not undergo any discomfort or suffer any injury to health.
  • No damage must be done to the structure or operating equipment of the aircraft.
  • ll risk of fire must be avoided.

Approved Pesticides

Two currently WHO recommended active ingredients, namely d-phenothrin and permethrin and also natural pyrethrins.

  • 2% d-phenothrin
  • 2% permethrin
  • % d-phenothrin + 2% permethrin

Approved Disinsection Methods (MQS & AQIS)


Residual Disinsection of aircraft cabin and hold areas, including flight decks, toilet and locker areas etc.


Pre-embarkation cabin disinsection is the most recently developed method of aircraft cabin disinsection, and provides for the spraying of aircraft cabins in the absence of passengers and crew, before embarkation. This method not only kills invertebrates that may be present in the cabin at the time of disinsection, but also leaves a minimal but effective amount of residue which is likely to kill invertebrates that can get on board between the time of disinsection and departure.


Top of Descent disinsection refers to a two-part process consisting of Pre-flight and Top of Descent disinsection spraying.


Why Johnson Group


Health and Safe

Johnson Group chooses the best and safer possible methods and materials to carry out disinfection services to protect health and safe of crews and passengers. All the pesticides to be used must have been registered with HK Pesticide Reg. no. and recommended by WHO.


We put together comprehensive, premium, cost-effective programs tailored to the needs of customers. Recommendations on the sanitation practices can help the customer to save money from over spending on pesticides and service treatments.


 We have been in the pest control industry for over 60 years. Our company holds [Pesticides Licence (Part I & Part II)] with authorized rights in import, supply and retail pesticides. We are also a few pest control companies that holds valid [Pesticide Permit] with the rights in import, supply, possession of Bromadiolone and Methyl Bromide.

Up to standard procedures

Treatment procedures followed strictly to the requirements of WHO, New Zealand MAF Quarantine Services (MQS) and Australia Quarantine and Inspection Service (AQIS)  [Schedule of Aircraft Disinsection Procedures]

  • Solar Trap Solar Power Outdoor Insect Trap
  • SmellGREEN Natural Disinfectant Spray
  • SmellGREEN Natural Insect Repellent
  • SmellGREEN Natural Fragrance Gel
  • 3M Scotch-Brite Microfiber Cloth
  • SafePRO Bed Bug & Lice Exterminator Laundry Treatment
  • Bug DeFence Automated Misting System
  • MITE-PROTEX Anti-mite Bedding Products
  • Starkeys -Insect Killers
  • EzeePlug
  • Giabo PCO Air Purifier
  • Bird Control Products
  • SafePRO Insect Trap
  • Dustmitex (Inorganic borate)
  • Other Services
  • Premium Home Cleaning & Sanitizing Service
  • Home Renovation Cleaning & VOC Removal Service
  • Office Cleaning & VOC Removal Service
  • Pest Control Service
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